Creating a Moving Strategy

Creating a Moving Strategy

So you’re moving, huh? Whether that’s in two months or two weeks, proper planning and starting with a strong strategy can make a world of difference between your move going smoothly and easily or stressful and hurried. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some tips to help you get moving.

Start a Moving File

Whether it’s on paper or electronic, start taking notes and keep them in a easily accessible location. There are tools like apps for helping with your move for both iPhones and Android phones, spreadsheets on computer, and good old fashioned paper and pen. However you prefer, take and keep notes!

Organize & Categorize everything

One of the primary purposes for taking and keeping notes is to organize and categorize all of your stuff. Keep separate lists of what you are going to sell, give away, and move. For things you are moving, organize them by immediate needs, short term needs, long term needs, seasonal items, and more that will help you pack and unpack things as you need them.

Pack the last things first

When you start packing, pack your seasonal items and long term needs first. Get them out of the way as soon as you can, and keep them organized for the move. Getting them out of the way first will help you keep your stuff organized and reduce stress surrounding the move.

Schedule the rest of your packing

Packing your long term needs first will give you a good sense of how much time it will take to pack the rest of your stuff. Schedule the rest of your moving as soon as possible and set it in place. This will give you a framework for what else you need to do such as sell things, give them away, arrange with other people to help you, etc.

Stay organized throughout

Through every step of the process, keep everything organized and in place! This means labeling boxes, keeping track of what order to unpack, accounting for your stuff, and providing you with all the information you need before, during, and after your move to reduce stress, simplify the process, and save you time, trouble, and money!

We hope these will help you with your move. While we have built our Moving Resource Center to help you through this process, we will gladly talk with you on the phone or meet in person. No two moves are the same, and our personal touch to your unique situation can make a significant difference in your move. Call or email us today to schedule your appointment!

Pro Moving Tips

Moving Tips & Tricks

Moving Tips & Tricks

We take moving seriously so we are providing you with some tips & tricks to make your move easier. Please take advantage of these to reduce your stress and make your move as simple as possible. Enjoy!

Pack an overnight bag

Keep all your essentials in this bag for your last night in your old home and your first night in your new home. This ease of access will keep you from scrambling to find makeup, contact cases, socks, etc during the transition period. Don’t forget your phone charger!

Pack the items you need first in a clear bin

This will help you find them quickly and easily while being easy to identify during the move. We suggest including items like toilet paper, power strips, eating utensils, paper towels, bleach wipes, tools, and any other items you’ll want to access quickly when setting up your new home.

Wrap breakables in clothing

While we always recommend wrapping breakables in bubble wrap, adding an additional layer with clothing can only help! This can include t-shirts for plates and socks for cups and glasses.

Label Box Contents & Locations on the sides

Make sure you help your movers move and you unpack by labeling your boxes with contents and to which room they are belong. Some people like to use color coding, numbering and other systems for a more organized approach. Always label on the side of the boxes so they can be ready while stacked!

Keep Shower Stuff Together

Trust us, after a long day of moving there’s nothing like a hot shower and the last thing you’ll want to do is dig through a bunch of boxes first! Keep your shower curtain, soap, towels, and other shower accessories (including cleaning supplies!) together and set them up first.

Use Sandwich Bags & Press ‘n Seal

Sandwich bags are great for keeping small things organized like screws from furniture, batteries, toy parts, and more. Be sure to label them! Use Press ‘n Seal to wrap over drawers, open top containers, jewelry boards, and more to keep stuff where it should be. Just think of it like mini shrink wrap!

Avoid Electronic Spaghetti

Computers, TVs, and other electronics are infamous for an endless and twisted amount of wires and plugs. Take pictures of your electronics before disassembling them; use zip ties to bundle correct wires together; and label them.

Use laundry baskets and suitcases

There’s no sense in moving empty containers so put them to use by packing your stuff in them first. Use the wheeled suitcases for heavy items, and Press ‘n Seal to secure items in open containers like laundry baskets.

Vacuum seal seasonal clothing

Vacuum seal bags are a great way to save space and store seasonal items long after the move. There are a number available for sale online and at stores like Wal-Mart or you can always pack an airtight garbage bag and use your vacuum to seal it. Just know they will wrinkle clothing so have an iron or steamer handy when you unpack them!

Hire a sitter for children and pets

Moving is often stressful, and taking care of pets and/or children during that can add to that difficulty. Hire a sitter to watch them while you focus on the move. Your children and pets will love the excitement and energy of moving, and having a sitter there will help them be involved at an appropriate level without slowing down the process.

clean up and clean out

Moving is a great time to get rid of old stuff. Instead of moving it, sell it or give it away! Just start at least six weeks ahead of your move to allow time for things to sell and be picked up by charities. You will always end up with more stuff than you expect, get rid of all you can first!

We hope these tips give you a better moving experience. We take pride in providing the best in customer service and will be happy to help you with your move in any way that we can. Be sure to check out the rest of our Resource Center for other tips & tricks like this.