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Last Updated on: 25th August 2021, 03:53 pm

The successful arrangement and oversight of an office relocation, large or small is a daunting task. This guide was written to assist you, the Move Manager, or facility manager and your company, make a smooth transition from one location to another. The principles in this guide will apply to most moves whether within the same building or across the country.

This guide will assist you in evaluating your needs, what to discuss with your moving company, how to evaluate moving company proposals, and a week by week time line to assist you in planning and assigning tasks.

Try to think of the office move as a large military operation, with many facets all ending with one objective, the move. Planning in this manner will assist in inspiring both you and your coworkers to make detailed plans and yet stay aware of the final goal. Planning the move as a military process will also establish the “Chain of Command” during the moving.

This guide is actually broken into four major sections that will assume you are establishing a chain of command for the move. The Move Manager of an office move is like a general in the military. The Move Manager will do all of the preplanning and strategy. The Move Coordinators are the front line officers in the military and ultimately have the responsibility for carrying out the Move Manager’s plan. The employees are the soldiers who will ensure that the plan is carried out to perfection. The final section is a reference section designed to help everyone involved with the move.

Above all, try to have some fun during the process. Moving is a highly stressful time for everyone involved and advanced planning of relaxing or fun activities will help relieve some of the anxiety involved with the move. Consider the move a great adventure.

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