General Packing Strategy

Packing can be complicated and difficult. That is why we have put together this information to help you plan your packing strategy. If you have any questions, or need help in packing feel free to contact us!

First of all, start packing as soon as possible! We recommend you do these items first:

  • Organize and, if necessary, repack your stored items such as seasonal decorations, documents, etc
  • Pack your least used items in every room in the house
  • Make a list of items you do not want to move and clearly label them
  • Make a list of valuable items to help you and the moving company

General Information

  • All fragile items, including lamps, china, computers, stereos, DVR’s must be properly packed.
  • All clothes on hangers must be in boxes.
  • All Flat Screen and Plasma TVs must be packed in original cartons or we can provide cartons for transport.
  • The final price for partial packing will be based on the actual boxes packed.
  • Empty the contents of refrigerators and freezers.
  • Empty any drawers and filing cabinets of any papers, books, fragile or heavy items from drawers.
  • You are responsible for the content of the boxes you have packed yourself. Pack carefully!
  • Please refrain from using paper or plastic bags. These are difficult to move safely and put your items at risk!
  • Check your Home Owners Policy / Insurance Agent for the status of coverage during your move. Additional valuation may or may not be needed.
  • Create clear pathways for the movers to access your stuff and move it easily within the house! We can provide runners and other protective devices.
  • Remember to clearly mark all boxes and tape the bottom and tops of boxes securely.

Communication is essential. This will enable a smooth move as well as “Peace of Mind” for your family. We will gladly provide packing services for certain items or your entire house if you would like. Just ask us and we’ll be happy to help!

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