Moving into a new home

Moving into Your new home

Moving into a new home

Moving to a new home and area can be confusing so here is some advice to help you settle in and get acclimated. There are many things that make a place feel like home, most of them have nothing to do with the actual house itself. Here are some ways to make it feel more like home, some of which you can do before you even move!

Go for a drive

Before you move to the your new home, go visit the area to see the local restaurants, parks, neighborhoods, and more. Scope out new places for you and your family to visit, new restaurants to try out, and new things to do. Get familiar with the area and it’ll start to feel like home from the first day you move in!

Clean & Dust First

If your furniture and things weren’t dusty or dirty before, chances are they picked some up on the truck on the way over. Before you bring things into your new home, wipe them off with a paper towel or a bleach wipe. There’s no sense in bringing in your old dirt with you, and there’s nothing better than being able to relax in your new and clean home!

Create a sense of place

Small things make a big difference, and doing those at your new home will make it feel like home sooner than ever. Some things that help are immediately lighting your favorite candles; placing your shoes and other items around the front door just like before; baking some favorite foods on your first night; and recreating family traditions and rituals as soon as possible.

say hi to everyone you meet

Go out and meet your neighbors. Tell them you’ve just moved in and find ways for you to interact with them on a more regular basis. Introduce yourself to everyone, from the grocery store to the corner mart, and let them know that you’ve just moved into the neighborhood. Start building relationships immediately and everywhere will start to feel like home.

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