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Storage Insurance Help

Storage Insurance Help

When it comes to storing your stuff, out of sight is not out mind. Make sure you purchase insurance to cover the full cost of your items. Our facility is secured, climate controlled, and on-site with our offices so we are proud to offer one of the best solutions on market, but we always recommend insurance for our clients because we want you to have full peace of mind.

Types of Storage Insurance

There are different levels of insurance to cover your items, and these are readily available from most insurance companies. If you already carry car, home, or other insurance, then adding your storage items should be a minimal cost on top of your existing policy.

Low Cost/Low Deductible

This is the basic level of insurance that covers damage to your items for a number of circumstances such as Acts of God, theft, fire, and more. This is typically bundled with homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and rarely costs more than $50/month, and is often far less depending on the total value.

Separate Deductible

These claims are ones filed through our insurance company. While we promise to do our best to fight for every penny that every one of our clients is owed, we do not know what the future holds. This is why we recommend every customer provide insurance of their own.

In-Transit Coverage

This insurance covers your items while they are in transit to and from your home. Some homeowner’s and renter’s insurance covers items while in transit, but it’s always best to make sure before you move them and purchase additional coverage if not.

Supplemental Coverage

This is most often purchased by business owners to cover their business items such as equipment, electronics, files, and more. If any of your stored items have been or will be used for your business, then we strongly suggest adding supplemental coverage to your items for full peace of mind.

We have been storing items for our friends, family, people, and businesses in Greenville in our safe and secure storage unit for nearly 70 years, and would be happy to show you our facility and explain how we can meet your needs. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the rest of our Resource Center for other tips & tricks like this!

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