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This is mostly up to you and how flexible your moving date can be. If you know that you have to be moved out of your current home at a specific date, then it is advisable to book your move as soon as you know that date. You might want to also consider that  days, like weekends or the weeks at the beginning or end of any given month, can be very busy times for moving companies and therefore making scheduling your move a tad more tricky. Rule of thumb, the sooner you can schedule your move, the less stress you will have, come moving day.

Your movers will certainly disassemble your furniture and then reassemble it at the new destination. Just make sure to point the furniture out to your moving consultant, who does your in-home estimate and we will have this service included in your moving quote. There are some specialty furniture pieces, like pianos, pool tables, big glass chandeliers or the like that need special attention and are outside the regular scope of disassembly and reassembly. Please contact your moving company to assure that your specialty furniture is taken care of during your move.

Even though our movers and packers at HD Auston Moving Systems take great care to prevent and avoid any damage or loss to your belongings, there can always be unforeseen incidents. If you think that your goods need more than the regular minimum insurance per pound, please contact one of our professional moving consultants and they will help you to find the appropriate insurance coverage for you.

The length of your move depends on a number of different factors. Some examples would be, whether you are you moving long distance to another state or moving within your city, what time of the year are you moving, especially if you live in a region that has wintry conditions. Please speak to one of our team polite members and we will work hard to meet your time requirements.

In order to receive an exact moving estimate, it is critical that you provide your moving consultant with as detailed information as possible. 

Excluding to mention additional items that need to be transported at the time of the estimate, might not only increase your moving cost, but might also mean that your moving crew will not be able to assist you. The crew might arrive at your home without the equipment needed for the extra items or with not enough movers or trucks, as they would expect different circumstances.

Moving can be utterly stressful for pets and there is no place in the moving truck that would be suitable for your pet. Due to liability and safety reasons, pets can not be transported in moving vans. To keep the trauma for your pet as small as possible and to ensure its physical and emotional well being, it would be best to ask a friend or neighbor to watch your pet or book its stay at a professional kennel, during the move.

Having a labeling system is very helpful to keep your boxes organized. You could either use color coded labels that you assign to each room or mark your boxes with the room names, they are meant for. For example MB for master bath; LR for living room, MBR for master bedroom or blue labels for the dining room and red labels for the bathroom. The best way is to mark your boxes on three sides to ensure that the label can be seen, no matter how the box is set down. Please stay consistent with your labeling method. This will make it easy for you and for your movers to quickly identify where which box is supposed to go. 

Hazardous items, like firearms, paint cans, propane gas tanks and other similar items cannot be placed in the back of the moving truck, since it could cause a fire or explosion risk and therefore potentially damage your other goods. You might want to consider to dispose of them or very carefully move them at your own risk. For any questions regarding your gas- or fuel-operated items, please contact your moving consultant, who will happily assist you.