3 Ways to Decide the Best Time to Move

Planning a move from another town or across the country is tricky. The same is true if you are moving out of town.

Follow the guidelines below to choose the best time to move by choosing the perfect time of year, easiest day of the week or most convenient time of the day to say hello or goodbye to your home. Reach out to Auston Moving with any logistics questions you have regarding your move and to reserve a truck or van. Here are some tips to help you decide.

1. Best Time to Move: Season

You can’t always choose when you move, but if you’re making a big life change and can plan ahead, it’s worthwhile to consider the best time of the year to move in or out of town.

The best time to move in Greenville, SC, is in the spring, which lasts from March to May. This is when the area has the mildest weather, so you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s concerts and outdoor activities immediately after moving. There are various events between June and August, but South Carolina summers are incredibly hot and humid, and hotel room rates will also be higher if you need a temporary place to stay. In the winter, cooler temperatures make moving unpleasant and fall occurs during the Atlantic hurricane season, so you could get stuck in bad weather.

You may have to contend with intermittent thunderstorms, especially in March, but weather in spring is usually pleasant. Average highs in the mid-60s to upper 70s reduce the sweat equity you have to invest in the move. This season offers the Paris Mountain State Park and the Greenville Zoo, so it may be worthwhile to take a break from packing to hop over to the city for some fun.

Tip: Whether you are moving in or out of town, consider booking a hotel. This helps you get a good night’s sleep, especially if your mattress is in a moving truck.

2. Best Time to Move: Day of the Week

Factors that determine the best time to move include the rules of the building or homeowners’ association in your community, traffic patterns and when you want to be settled into your new place. You can’t control the days of the week the homeowners’ or condo association allows, but if that’s not a factor, here are some things to consider before choosing the best day of the week to move.

You’ll get better deals from movers for a weekday move, because there’s typically less demand from Monday to Thursday. If you can afford to miss work, it’s worth doing so. When you move on a Saturday or Sunday, according to Realtor.com, your costs are higher because demand for movers is at a peak, since there are a limited number of weekends in a month and everyone wants to take advantage of their days off.

Moving on a weekday also gives you the entire upcoming weekend to unpack and get your new home organized before you return to work on Monday, potentially at a new job.

3. Best Time to Move: Time of Day

When it comes to the time of day, the best time to move depends on a lot of factors. However, you should definitely take traffic into account. According to Geostat, morning rush hour peaks between 6:30 and 10 a.m. So, to make the most of your day, make sure the truck is loaded and ready to go the evening before. Finish up last-minute items in the early morning hours and hit the road after 10 a.m. If you’re using movers, they typically arrive early, between 8 and 10 a.m., so that’s also a good reason to be packed up the night before.

To avoid the heat of the day as well as rush hour traffic headed out of the city, you could leave around 6 p.m. This gives you 2.5 hours or more of daylight drive time before twilight sets in, based on average sunset times between March and August.

Tip: Remember to get plenty of rest for longer trips or if you’ve been expending a lot of energy moving. Stay hydrated and plan rest breaks if your move is more than two hours away.

Following these three tips can save you time and effort and help make your moving experience a little easier. Auston Moving is a great resource for logistical questions about your move and is also a proud provider of moving services in the area.

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