Living in Mauldin - Why You Should Move There

Living in Mauldin, SC (2023) | Why You Should Move To Mauldin

It’s no secret that the city of Greenville is becoming a more popular destination for people moving to South Carolina. The area has is affordable and offers great work opportunities. And among the best suburbs to this beautiful city is the small town of Mauldin, SC.

Mauldin has quietly become a safe haven for people who don’t want to live in the big city but still want to remain close enough to commute or visit whenever they’d like. The area has seen a good deal of growth over the years and has some great potential changes happening in the near future.

If you’re thinking about moving to Mauldin, we’ve compiled this guide to share everything you need to know about living there. Learn all about the local neighborhoods, popular things to do, and how much it costs to live in the city.

1. People of Mauldin, SC

With a current population of about 25,130 people, Mauldin is far from being the largest city in South Carolina. But it has been on a major upswing over the past couple of decades, with almost one-third of the area’s residents moving there during the early 2000s. And the area is expected to see another growth spurt in the next few years due to some major plans for both commercial and residential development.

The city has an average age of 38 years old, with a pretty even combination of young families and retirees calling this safe Greenville suburb home. The area has been known to house a handful of famous people who grew up here including former NBA All-star, Kevin Garnett, and actor/comedian Orlando Jones.

2. Town of War Veterans

The area was originally settled in 1784 and named after, W. L. Mauldin, who was the state’s lieutenant governor at the time. The area was seeing consistent growth up until the Civil War began in 1861 when many of the local citizens left town to fight. For nearly 100 years, the area felt like a ghost town until it was incorporated in 1960 after World War II when people started moving to Mauldin again.

War Veterans in Mauldin, SC

Since then, the area has been home to a variety of war heroes including L.S. Green, one of the city’s former mayors. Green fought in multiple conflicts during WWII including the Battle of the Bulge that began in December 1944. He was recently recognized and thanked for his service as both a veteran and as the former mayor.

3. Things to Do and Places to Eat in Mauldin

Whether you’re looking for activities in Greenville or closer to your neighborhood, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do in Mauldin. Located just a few minutes away is Falls Park on the Reedy, one of the most beautiful sights you’ll find in the area. It features acres of beautiful gardens, a walking bridge, and the highlighted waterfalls.

Not far from there is the Peace Center, a large concert hall where everyone from local bands to world-famous musicians come to put on shows. While about five minutes west of Mauldin’s center is the Lake Conestee Nature Park, a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. This 400-acre park is a natural habitat for a variety of local wildlife including deer, raccoon, beavers, river otters, foxes, and more.

Falls Park on the Reedy


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Falls Park on the Reedy, 601 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601

Peace Center


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Peace Center, 300 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601

And when it comes time to get something to eat, Mauldin offers a number of great local restaurants. One of the most popular places to eat is Low Country Shrimper, where they serve (you guessed it) shrimp, along with fish & chips, po-boys, and other seafood dishes. While just down the road is Mutt’s BBQ, a perfect place for meat lovers looking for ribs, pork, chicken, and more.

Low Country Shrimper


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Low Country Shrimper, 105 E Butler Rd, Mauldin, SC 29662

4. Safe, Comfortable Neighborhoods Around Town

According to, Mauldin proudly stands among the top 5 safest cities in South Carolina, taking the fourth spot on the list. With that in mind, finding a great place to live around town isn’t difficult.

If you’re thinking about moving to Mauldin, two of the best neighborhoods around town are Sunset Heights and The Grove, both of which have beautiful homes and well-kept scenery. If you’re looking for apartments in Mauldin, Arbors at Brookfield offers good prices for clean, comfortable places.

5. Mauldin Cost of Living

When compared to South Carolina averages, the cost of living in Mauldin has fairly similar numbers, with the exception of transportation costs. Things like commute prices, auto insurance rates, and other factors are much lower in Mauldin as a small suburb on the outskirts of the Greenville area.

When it comes to housing, the average cost of a home in Mauldin is only a few thousand dollars higher at around $174,100. This is up about 3.4% when compared to this time last year and is expected to rise another 2.7% in the next 12 months.

Mauldin, SC Cost of Living Houses

Going back to those who are looking to rent apartments or lease homes, the average price of rent in Mauldin is between $1,070 per month and $1,501 per month. The final numbers will typically depend on the size of your space since there isn’t much of a difference based on the location in this area.

6. Local School System

With a smaller local population, Mauldine schools are part of the Greenville County School District. There is only one public school for each age range, each of which is named after the city: Mauldin Elementary, Mauldin Middle School, and Mauldin High.

But even in a small town, parents with teenagers will love to hear that Mauldin High School is ranked among the top ten high schools in all of South Carolina.

And though there aren’t any colleges in this small town, Greenville does have a handful of tech schools to choose from, as well as the University Center Greenville campus.

7. Major Job Market Nearby

Due to it being mainly being a residential area, Mauldin jobs are mainly limited to local retails shops and restaurants. But the nearby city of Greenville is flowing with opportunities both big and small. It is common for most working class citizens to hop on Highway 276 and take the brief 15-minute commute to the bigger city for work.

Windmills in Mauldin, SC

Greenville is home to major corporations like Michelin’s North American headquarters, which employs over 4,000 people. Another name most will recognize is General Electric (GE), who have their gas turbine and wind energy manufacturing facility in the city. They currently have about 3,400 employees.

People living in Mauldin also commute to work at places like the local school district, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, and Moore’s Food Resources.

8. Weather in Mauldin

Though the temperatures tend to stay fairly mild at all times of the year, Mauldin weather does bring humidity into play. This can make summers feel a bit hotter even though the thermometer will rarely go above 90°F.

Winters are cold and wet, though snow is a rare occurrence around this area. Temperatures tend to stay above 34°F at the coldest times, but you can also expect about 50 inches of rain on an annual basis.

Moving to Mauldin?

Now that you know everything to expect from living in Mauldin, are you ready to make the change? We don’t blame you! With its safety record, great local activities, and growth potential, we’re not surprised when we hear from someone who’s planning on moving to Mauldin.

If you’d like help with your relocation, our team of professional movers would love to ease the often stressful process for you. HD Auston Moving has been in business for 73 years, conducting tens of thousands of moves during that time.

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