Top Tips for Donating Furniture [List of Charities]

During the moving process, it is all too common to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff you’ve acquired while living at your current address. According to one survey, 1 in 4 Americans can’t park in their garage because of too much stuff! As you are packing you will probably uncover many forgotten, cast off, and questionable purchases.

At HD Auston, one thing we see a lot is clients wanting to get rid of furniture rather than moving it to their new home. This is especially true for our clients who are moving long distance. Typically their choices are to go through a lengthy process trying to sell it online, hauling it off to the dump, or donating their furniture.

Looking at those options, most people choose to donate. But who should you donate it to? Here we share with you 4 local Greenville charities that will happily accept your donation, alongside some helpful tips for making the process as smooth as possible.

The 4 Best Places to Donate Furniture in Greenville

1. Miracle Hill Ministries Accepts Move Donations For the Less Fortunate

Auston Moving - Where to donateFirst up on our list is Miracle Hill Ministries. Miracle Hill Ministries is a Greenville-based charity that provides support and shelters for many of the less fortunate in our community. These shelters include Shepherd’s Gate, a safe place for women and children escaping domestic violence, as well as shelter and for the homeless community at large.

When you choose to donate furniture from your move to Miracle Hill, they make it easy by picking it up from your home. The furniture is then sold in their Greenville thrift stores. Miracle Hill Ministries is also the place to call if you are looking to donate a vehicle in Greenville.

Miracle Hill Ministries is always happy to receive donations beyond furniture, but there are a few things they will not accept. They cannot take child car seats, cribs with a sliding rail, combustible heaters, pianos, vehicle parts, building materials, built-in appliances, or console TVs or stereos.

For more information or to schedule a Greenville furniture donation pickup check out the Miracle Hill Ministries website or give them a call at 864-242-6931.

2. Habitat for Humanity is Great for Donating Appliances and Building Materials

Auston Moving - DonationNext up on our list is Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County. Habitat for Humanity is a national charity that builds affordable housing for families and individuals in need. Habitat for Humanity has been officially providing affordable, decent housing for families since 1976 and the Greenville chapter was established in 1985.

In addition to accepting donated furniture, Greenville’s Habitat ReStore is also happy to accept new or gently used appliances, building materials, and household goods. If you aren’t sure about your item, give them a call. Note many of the items Miracle Hill Ministries won’t accept, Habitat for Humanity will!

When you donate furniture to Habitat for Humanity Greenville, you can either schedule a pickup or they will help you unload your large items at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They want to make the process of donating furniture in Greenville as easy as possible for you. To schedule a furniture donation pickup or more information give the Greenville Habitat for Humanity a call at 864-312-5016.

3. Salvation Army: Move Donations to Support the Poor & Homeless

Auston Moving - Donate for HomelessThird on our list is an international charitable organization that has been helping the poor and homeless as well as providing emergency aid in times of crisis since 1865. The Salvation Army may be the most recognized place to donate furniture in Greenville on our list.

Like the previous two charities on our list, when you donate furniture to The Salvation Army of Greenville, your items will be sold at the local Greenville Salvation Army Family Store. The proceeds provide income for rehabilitating adults and other Greenville social services.

The Salvation Army is happy to take donated furniture, toys, clothes, books, vehicles, pianos, gently used large appliances, gently used mattresses and more. They cannot accept TVs older than 5-years-old, vehicle parts, built in appliances, non-working appliances, gas heaters, or console TVs or stereos. Make sure you check out the guide of what to donate to Salvation Army before you make the call.

If you are looking for charities that pick up furniture, Salvation Army does that as well, making it easy on you. To schedule a pick-up or for more information about donating furniture to The Salvation Army of Greenville, give them a call at 864-233-1627.

4. Goodwill Accepts Donated Items to Help the Unemployed

Last on our list of the best charities to donate furniture to is another recognizable organization. Goodwill puts the proceeds from donated items toward helping place unemployed men and women in positions that will get them back on their feet.

Unlike the other three charities on this list, the Greenville Goodwill offers a very limited pickup service and recommends dropping off your items instead. Donating furniture to Goodwill may not be the most convenient method, but it is a great choice when you need to donate furniture quickly.

Goodwill is happy to take any and all items that you may want to donate. They accept decor, cookware, clothes, furniture, toys, books, and anything else you can think of. They do not, however, accept large household appliances or vehicle parts. For drop off hours or more information about donating to Goodwill Greenville, call 864-351-0100.

No matter your choice of charity for donating furniture during your move, don’t forget to get a receipt. You can deduct donations you make to qualified charities to reduce your taxable income, but only if you itemize your deductions. You can read more on the IRS website.

Are you looking for an agency to do a pick up of your donated furniture? Please reach out to one of the agencies mentioned above. Do not call Austin Moving Systems.

If you are also relocating and need the most trusted moving company in Orange County, do not hesitate to give Austin Moving, call!



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