Greenville, SC Crime Rate - Is Greenville Safe?

Greenville, SC Crime Rate | 👮 Is Greenville Safe? [Data, Stats, Reports, Map]

Home to nearly 40 local parks, numerous museums, and great entertainment venues, the city of Greenville, SC provides residents with a great variety of ways to enjoy the city. It has housed many notable people such as NBA star Kevin Garnett, actress Jaimie Alexander, and other famous individuals.

Greenville is currently ranked among the top 20 safest cities in South Carolina.

As you learn more about what the city has to offer, understanding the Greenville crime rate is important for deciding whether it’s a good fit for you. Whether you’re curious about local crime statistics because you’re moving or you’re a newcomer to the area, these details will help you find a safe place to live and avoid the dangerous ones in Greenville.

Understanding the Greenville Crime Rate

When researching the crime rate in Greenville, you’ll find the information is split between violent crime and property crime. Violent crime includes instances of murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crime covers burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft.

The most reliable source for Greenville crime rate details is from the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics, which were most recently updated in 2019.

From this resource, you’ll find the national average crime rate is 2,580 crimes per 100,000 people. The national average property crime per 100,000 people is 2,362. And the national average violent crime per 100,000 people is 383.

Handcuffs and Fingerprints

A closer look at Greenville crime rates shows there were 3,178 total crimes in Greenville. There is a 4,566 crime rate per 100,000 people in Greenville. When considering these factors, residents living in Greenville have a 1 in 22 chance of becoming a victim of a crime.

You can compare these averages to the overall crime rate in South Carolina with its total of 177,712 crimes. The SC crime rate is 3,452 per 100,000 residents in the state, giving people a 1 in 29 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. This makes Greenville’s crime rate slightly higher than the South Carolina state average.

Locals in the area can use the Greenville crime map to find details and specifics about crimes that have been committed across the city. You’ll be able to determine which parts of Greenville are safest and the ones that are most dangerous.

Violent Crime in Greenville

The most recent annual numbers show there were 368 total violent crimes in Greenville. The Greenville murder rate is 2.9 per 100,000 residents. There is a Greenville violent crime rate of 529 per 100,000, giving people living there a 1 in 189 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.

There were 2 total murders in Greenville in 2019. Records show there were 34 reported rapes in Greenville during that time as well.

As a comparison, there is an average of 5 murders per 100,000 people every year in the United States. This means Greenville experiences a murder rate that is 40% less than the U.S. average. There were also an estimated 139,380 rapes reported annually across the country.

The most common form of violent crime in Greenville was aggravated assault with 258 reported cases. The second was robbery in Greenville, which had about 74 reports for the year.

Violent crime in Greenville has gradually lowered every year since 2002.

Property Crime in Greenville

There is a 1 in 25 chance of becoming a victim of property crime in Greenville. The Greenville property crime rate is 4,037 per 100,000 people living there. Reported numbers show 2,810 total property crimes in Greenville per year.

Man breaking into a home with crowbar

The most common form of Greenville property crime is larceny-theft with 2,177 reported cases. Burglaries were the second-most common with 403. There were also a total of 230 cases of motor vehicle theft reported throughout the year

The property crime rate has held steady for the most part over the past 5 years or so with minimal fluctuations from year to year.

High Crime Areas of Greenville

No matter where you live in the United States, there will always be parts of town that are safer than others. As with most cities, the downtown area of Greenville tends to see the highest crime rates throughout the year.

Aside from downtown, you’ll also find some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Greenville are around Haywood Mall. Other high crime areas of Greenville include Arcadia Hills, Southern Side, and West Greenville.

One of the most recent violent crimes in Greenville was a double homicide near Cedar Line Road toward the northwest border of town.

Safest Neighborhoods in Greenville

If you’re thinking about relocating to Greenville, you’ll want to know where you can enjoy security and peace of mind. Many of the top neighborhoods in Greenville are also considered among the safest places to live across the city.

The popular community of Dellwood offers safe living right next to Bob Jones University. It is a great place for families and young couples. Richmond Hills is another safe neighborhood in Greenville with many fun activities at places like Northwest Park.

Botany Woods is a safe option for more established families and older individuals. This safe Greenville community has a nearby golf course and other enjoyable amenities

The area of Heritage Creek on the southeast side of town is another secure neighborhood in Greenville worth a look.

Greenville Safety Tips – How to Avoid Crime in Greenville

  • It is always recommended to get a dependable security system for your home from a reputable provider like ADT, Vivint, SimpliSafe, or Sonitrol.
  • You can always increase lighting around your home as a deterrent for crime in Greenville.
  • Since the area surrounding Haywood Mall is known for property crime, make sure you always lock your car doors and roll up your windows.
  • While you should never walk around alone at night, make sure you carry pepper spray to protect yourself from potential attackers.
  • If you plan on spending time around downtown Greenville, do your best to travel in groups and avoid areas that could be dangerous such as alleyways.
  • To stay as safe as possible in Greenville, don’t go out after dark unless it is absolutely necessary.

Greenville Police Department

Up until the mid-1800s, residents of Greenville used to take turns being on “watch” as they shared the responsibility of maintaining order and security throughout the city. But after the first police station was built in 1845, locals elected James Goodlet as the first marshal to lead the Greenville Police Force.

About 30 years later, growth around the city led them to change their name to the more official title of the Greenville Police Department. In 1971, a narcotics squad was organized to fight against the local drug abuse problems that were plaguing the area.

Police officers in Greenville, SC

Now the local police department is staffed by more than 250 individuals, including 202 total sworn police officers in Greenville. This adds up to an average of about 2.9 officers per 1,000 Greenville residents.

Howie Thompson was recently named the new Greenville police chief in October 2020.

Everyone is permitted to view local Greenville police report logs, which they can access by reaching out to the police department.

Greenville Crime Rate FAQ

Is Greenville a safe city?

Greenville is considered one of the safest cities in South Carolina, though its crime rate is slightly higher than the state average. Crime in Greenville is still lower than the United States average.

What is the crime rate in Greenville, SC?

The crime rate in Greenville is 4,566 per 100,000 residents. This includes a violent crime rate of 529 per 100,000 and a property crime rate of 4,037 per 100,000.

What are the bad areas of Greenville?

The main areas to avoid in Greenville are downtown, Haywood Mall, Arcadia Hills, Southern Side, and West Greenville.

Learning About the Greenville Crime Before Moving There?

Although the crime rate in Greenville is a bit higher than the state average, the city still offers plenty of safe places to live. If you’re thinking about relocating to the area, the team at HD Auston Moving offers top-rated Greenville movers who can assist you! Give us a call today at (888) 883-2795 or complete the Request a Quote form above for a free Greenville moving estimate!

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