10 Things to Do with Kids in Greenville, SC

Between its breathtaking scenery and lively cultural scene, Greenville, South Carolina is a limitless adventure with children. Particularly in the past 30 years, the long list of things to do with kids in Greenville has continued to rapidly expand. Now a destination for adults and children alike, families can explore everything from zoos and museums to a sprawling downtown packed with decadent bakeries, welcoming restaurants and endless shopping. Even as the fourth-fastest growing city in the nation, Greenville still maintains a Southern-town energy filled with local farms, outdoor recreation and a stunning natural backdrop.

Whether you’re heading there for a weekend away or planning to move to Greenville, explore the top 10 things to do with kids in Greenville in our list below. Set in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, kids can experience the magic of the natural world around them within a city dedicated to education and exploration.

1. The Peace Center

Introduce the excitement of live theatre to your kids at one of the many performance halls within Greenville’s Peace Center. Among the Peace Center’s resident companies include South Carolina’s Children’s Theatre, the Carolina Youth Symphony and Orchestra as well as a collection of statewide and international chorales and ballet companies.

Plan a big night out as a special gift or even get involved in one of the ensembles if you’re a Greenville resident. Performances and productions run the gamut for all ages and interests and may spark a new passion for fine arts in your child. Visiting The Peace Center makes for a perfect evening or afternoon out if you’re seeking indoor activities with kids in Greenville.

2. Downtown Greenville

People travel far and wide to explore Downtown Greenville, especially if they’re seeking an exciting afternoon with the kids. As one of the top downtowns throughout the nation, this pedestrian-focused plaza hosts over 100 business for fine and local shopping, offering children endless places to explore and discover.

Stroll from street to street—each neighborhood boasting its own variety of shopping and restaurants—or hop on the trolley for a fun ride to see the entire city. When you need a break from the bustle of downtown, head to the nearby Falls Park on the Reedy beneath the beautiful Liberty Bridge. Perfect for a day that balances nature with structured activities, Greenville’s Downtown is a hub for excitement.

3. Go Bakery Hopping

Greenville is packed with passionate business owners concocting trendy baked goods and welcoming visitors with the city’s Southern spirit. Try jumping from bakery to bakery when as you spend a weekend away in Greenville with the family.

Start your trip with some coffee for you and homemade ice cream for the kids at Spill the Beans on South Main Street. Or, head over to The Donut Experiment, where kids can put their imaginations to work. Here, every customer creates their own donut design—from cake flavor to nearly every topping they can imagine—into a wild delicious treat. In true Greenville fashion, this taps into the educational side of the mind while keeping things exciting and delicious.

Lastly, stop by The Chocolate Moose after dinner for a custom-made cupcake, cookie or signature dessert. This is also a great breakfast spot if you’re looking to explore with the kids in the morning.

4. Greenville Zoo

Looking to spend an afternoon with the giraffes? Head to the Greenville Zoo, a great outing for the kids that is both educational and a great way to get up and moving. Each week, the zoo offers free programs for children within the park, including a question and answer with animal experts or a children’s book reading hour for the little ones. You can even plan a birthday party at the zoo or sign up for a behind-the-scenes tour for kids particularly passionate about caring for animals.

5. Frankie’s Fun Park

Especially exciting for the older kids in your family, Frankie’s Fun Park provides a day of mini-golf, go-cart racing and other adventure activities that are great for playing as a family. As a pay-per-activity park, this is a budget-friendly option for kids in Greenville, allowing you to check out as much or as little as you like depending on your love of rides and games. With several indoor activities such as laser tag and an indoor obstacle course, Frankie’s is a great activity for kids on a rainy day.

6. Have an outdoor adventure

There’s no question that the natural wonders of the Greenville area offer endless adventure for the kids, no matter their passions. Located both in the heart of Greenville and throughout the region, professional guides offer adventure options for every level of experience—from exciting zip-lining to calming scenic hikes by the Reedy River. Rent bicycles to ride through town or head to Sunrift Adventures for canoeing and kayak rentals. Or if you’re looking to truly cool off, check out 7th Inning Splash, an affordable water park right next door in Piedmont. Looking for free things to do with kids in Greenville? Head out on an adventure by exploring one of their many nearby hiking trails.

7. Spend a Day at the Farm

If you’re planning a family-focused fall afternoon, explore the farms and outdoor markets in and just outside of Greenville. Explore some of the country’s largest corn mazes and petting zoos or choose an afternoon of apple or peach picking depending on the time of year.

The Greenville area is also packed with seasonal festivals, including Halloween parades and festive holiday events that bring the whole community together. If you’re local to the area, Mill Village Farms offer youth educational programs focused on farming, harvesting your own food and understanding the weekly operations of a local Farmers’ Market.

8. Take a Tour

Looking to kick back for the day and go along for a ride? Greenville offers a variety of exciting tours through the city’s food scene, historical sites and various adventure activities. This is an excellent idea if you’re taking a last-minute trip to Greenville and want to both get to know the area with an expert guide. If the kids need a little more physical activity, sign up for a day-long adventure camp for your whole family and explore the exciting outdoors of Greenville with an enthusiastic team of teachers.

9. Catch a Special Event

Year-round cultural celebrations bring the community together and celebrate the beauty of Greenville. Check out one of the largest fireworks displays in the state on the Fourth of July or check out their very own Christmas Parade at the start of December each year. An endless list of festivals fills the Greenville calendar that includes art exhibits, hockey games, and weekly story time at the local bookstore. No matter what time of year you visit, check out the city’s events calendar for a glimpse into weekly celebrations and programs. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for last-minute things to do in Greenville this weekend.

10. Learn for the day!

No matter their favorite subject at school, Greenville has nearly every variety of museum and historical outing perfect for a day with the kids. Explore the Carolina Music Museum, The Roper Mountain Science Center or one of the thirteen African-American historical and cultural sites throughout the city. Balance out your day of enriched learning with a performance or musical event in the evening at The Peace Center!

There’s no question that you’ll find more kid-friendly activities in Greenville than you have time for in one trip. Enrich your afternoon in culture at one of the countless museums and performance halls or head out into the country for a great adventure. Whether you’re on the hunt for your next getaway spot or looking to live in Greenville, the area is packed with things to do for kids of all ages.

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The Many Excellent Reasons to Move to Greenville, South Carolina

Among the many reasons to move to Greenville, livability is one of the city’s most appealing traits. As a smaller city, the locals are friendly, and big-city problems are far away. A charming and enjoyable place to call home, Greenville has many assets making it an appealing place to put down roots. If you’re asking the question, we have the answer:

“Should I Move to Greenville?”

If you’re looking for a comfortable and stress-free place to call home with plenty to do, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” With a charming and quaint downtown, museums, tasty restaurant fare, tons of community events, a local zoo and even a waterfall within the city limits, you’ll find tons to do on the tree-lined streets among the friendly locals.

Greenville’s portfolio of attractions that make it a great place to call home is full to bursting. There’s more to enjoy in Greenville than most small cities, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

should i move to greenvilleOutdoor Adventure Awaits in Greenville

Outdoor activities abound in the city’s natural areas, and you’ll find that wilderness adventures are plentiful in the nearby national forests and the surrounding countryside. It’s a quick drive to activities like boating, camping, canoeing and kayaking, golf, hiking, ice skating, whitewater rafting and ziplining.

If you don’t want to drive, bicycling could be the perfect answer for getting around in this progressively minded city.

Greenville is Big on Bicycling

Bicycling is serious business in Greenville, and it’s one of the favorite local activities. Greenville goes by the name of “Bike Town,” and the moniker fits. The 21-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail follows the course of the Reedy River, meandering through town and out into Greenville County. Bike rentals are available in town, too, in case you just want a quick day ride, and mountain biking trails are ready for riding in the nearby countryside.

The Food Scene Is Among the Main Reasons to Move to Greenville

There are so many delicious restaurants, food trucks, cafes, bakeries, tea and juice bars and more in Greenville, your appetite will be sated for years to come as a Greenville citizen. Variety is the order of the day in the Greenville dining scene.

You can experience rooftop dining at UP on the Roof. Serving up a small-plate menu with seasonal ingredients from local farms and featuring a commanding view of the horizon, the clouds and the surrounding city, this is a hallmark Greenville establishment.

Or enjoy delectable baked goods and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings at Stax Omega Diner and Bakery, a mainstay in Greenville dining since 1988. With inspired dishes composed of locally sourced ingredients like banana cream pie pancakes, cajun fish tacos and sliced prime rib dip, there’s a lot to love about Greenville’s Stax Omega Diner.

Cultural Events in Greenville Provide Local Color

The Artisphere festival brings art to the streets in a three-day celebration. Visitors can converse with local artists and even purchase pieces of art. Commencing in May, this annual festival draws big crowds to take in the colorful offerings and enjoy the party atmosphere.

Euphoria is an annual festival featuring celebrity chefs, signature wine tasting, live musical performances by top artists and cooking demonstrations. It’s a weekend event, one of the biggest in the city.

average cost of living in greenville

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Greenville?

Paramount Park is an affluent neighborhood located in the central southeastern area of the city. Most of the homes in the area are owned by the residents. The development comprises mostly medium- to large-sized homes with four or more bedrooms and apartment complexes. The neighborhood has more Scottish and Scots-Irish residents than almost any other region in the United States.

Leawood is a suburban neighborhood located in the northern outreaches of Greenville. Many of the homes in Leawood are studios or one-bedroom or two-bedroom homes, but there are also many apartment complexes in the area. Leawood has a much higher number of people commuting to work by bicycle compared to the average American neighborhood. A large number of residents in this neighborhood speak Persian, a fact attributed to a high percentage of Iranian residents living there.

What Is the Average Cost of Living in Greenville?

The Greenville cost of living is considered to be a bit lower than average for cities in the United States. Studio apartments rent for an average of $518 per month, while the national average is $712. A four-bedroom home rents for $1,063 in Greenville, with the national average at $1,601.

Grocery prices in Greenville clock in at the national average, while utilities and transportation are a bit below the average. Health care is a bit more expensive in Greenville than the national average.

Greenville Is an All-Around Ideal Place to Call Home

These are some of the many great reasons to move to Greenville. The city has so much to offer its residents, including great food, a progressive, bicycle-friendly atmosphere, colorful cultural events, a friendly populace and a small city vibe. Greenville is a beautifully charming city with a stress-free feel and plenty to see and do. It’s a great place to call home.