Greenville, SC ULTIMATE Utilities Guide - Electric, Water, Gas, Internet, & More

Greenville, SC ULTIMATE Utilities Guide 💡 | Electric, Water, Gas, Internet & More

Relocating to Greenville, SC, can be a challenge, as the process takes many steps for success. You’ll have to not only get your items transported to your new location, but you also have to ensure you get the utilities for your property ready. You don’t want to come to your new Greenville property only to realize that your utilities are not on.

Be sure to schedule your Greenville utilities before moving to your new property in the city. The good news is that the process of contacting the providers of all Greenville city utilities is easier to manage than you might expect. We have a convenient guide to help you understand how to manage your utilities and to get them ready before you reach your new home.

Duke Energy Carolinas – Electric

Duke Energy Carolinas is the main electric service provider in the Greenville area. The Charlotte-based company has been providing energy to the Carolinas since its formation in 1904.

You can start a new account with Duke Energy Carolinas by visiting their website for information. You can start your service at a particular time and in a specific location. You’ll have to provide the address where you want to start your electricity and also ensure you do not have any other balances to pay off before you can receive service.


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Duke Energy will require your Social Security Number and date of birth. You must also lift any credit or security freezes on your credit account for Duke Energy to get access to your data.

Their customer service team can help you with various electric services, including assistance in setting up electrical connections in your home and managing any renewable energy solutions you require. The group can help you with whatever solar panels or electric vehicle charging stations you require as well. Be sure to specify what you’re using at your property so the Greenville electric team can get your system ready.

Paying Your Duke Energy Bill

Duke Energy makes it easy for people to pay their Greenville electric bills. You can pay your power bill online or through the Duke Energy app. Duke Energy accepts credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. You can also use the Auto Pay system, where you can automatically have your electric bill drafted from your bank account each month.

Another option includes paying by phone by contacting them at 1-800-777-9898. You can also pay by mailing your bill payment to:

Duke Energy

PO Box 70516

Charlotte, NC 28272

You can also pay your bill in person at one of many physical locations in the Greenville area. These include various Publix, Wal-Mart, and Bi-Lo stores.

Average Electric Bill

The average monthly bill for electric services in Greenville is from $140 to $160 per month. The rate will vary surrounding your usage needs.

Contact Information For Duke Energy Carolinas

  • Website: Duke Energy
  • Address: 425 Fairforest Way, Greenville, SC 29607
  • Phone: 1-800-777-9898

Piedmont Natural Gas – Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas is a gas utility company that operates as a subsidiary of Duke Energy. The group provides natural gas services to Greenville homes that use this as an energy source.

Since Piedmont Natural Gas is run by Duke Energy, the process for signing up for services with Piedmont Natural Gas is identical to what you would do with Duke Energy. You can provide the same proof of identity info and other details in your account when getting things ready for use.

Paying Your Piedmont Natural Gas Bill

You can pay for natural gas services in Greenville online, through an automatic draft, or by phone at 1-866-316-3356. The phone option uses the Speedpay system to process your payment. It costs $3.50 for each Speedpay payment you complete.

You can also pay for these Greenville city utilities by mail by sending your payment to this address:

Piedmont Natural Gas

PO Box 1246

Charlotte, NC 28201

You can also pay your bill in person at one of the Bi-Lo locations in the Greenville area.

Average Gas Bill

Gas can cost about $150 per month in Greenville, although the value of your bill will vary based on how much you use.

Contact Information For Piedmont Natural Gas

  • Website: Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Address: 100 Woodruff Industrial Lane, Greenville, SC 29607
  • Phone: 1-800-752-7504

Greenville Water – Water and Sewage

The next of the Greenville utilities to review is Greenville Water services. The City of Greenville has operated Greenville Water since 1918, although the initial water management system first started in 1889.

Greenville Water uses three separate resources for water supplies around the city. It gathers water from the Table Rock Reservoir, Lake Keowee, and the North Saluda Reservoir. Some of these water sources are near the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northern end of Greenville County.


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You’ll want to turn on service through this at least one to two days before you arrive at your property. Greenville Water will request your address, the Social Security Number and date of birth of who is requesting service, and your phone contact info and place of employment. For cases where you are renting or leasing a property, you must provide details on the property owner or manager and their phone number.

Paying Your Greenville Water Bill

Your Greenville Water bill will include charges for your water use, wastewater treatment charges, local sewer charges, and trash pickup services for those within the City of Greenville.

You can pay your bill through a credit or debit card payment, through PayPal or Venmo, or from the CheckFreePay service at select locations. You can also pay by phone at 1-864-241-6000. There’s also the option to pay online.

Check and money order payments can also be made. You can make these payable to Greenville Water at this mailing address:

Greenville Water

PO Box 687

Greenville, SC 29602

Do not mail physical cash to Greenville Water, as it will not be accepted.

Average Water Bill

Average Greenville water bills are $12 to $15 per month, while the sewage bill will be around $50 per month. The total will vary surrounding how much water you use.

Contact Information For Greenville Water

  • Website: Greenville Water
  • Address: 407 West Broad Street, Greenville, SC 29601
  • Phone: 1-864-241-6000

Greenville Garbage and Recycling – Trash/Recycling

The City of Greenville provides weekly garbage and recycling service for residents around the city. The timeframe for when these Greenville city utilities will work vary based on where you live. Garbage pickup occurs on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in different areas, although the pickup can be delayed by a day following a recognized holiday. The city also operates a yard waste collection service.

You can acquire a new garbage cart and recycling bin for your Greenville trash needs by calling 1-864-232-2273 for help. You can schedule time for when you will receive your materials. Your first garbage and recycling bins are free, while extra ones are $60 each.

Paying Your Greenville Garbage and Recycling Bill

This part of Greenville utility billing will be incorporated into your existing Greenville Water bill. You can pay for the service the same way you pay the rest of the water bill.

Average Garbage and Recycling Bill

The residential collection fee for residential properties in Greenville with three or fewer units is $16 per month. Any entity with more than three units will require a private service instead.

Contact Information For Greenville Garbage and Recycling

Spectrum – Internet/Cable

The next of the Greenville utilities to consider is Spectrum, a company owned by Charter Communications. Spectrum is an internet and cable service formerly known as Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. AT&T, DirecTV, and Dish all offer cable services and some online solutions, but Spectrum is the most popular utility option in this field in Greenville.


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Spectrum helps you set up your account by starting a new profile that links to your street address. You can then request a coverage package that includes up to 200 Mbps internet access and more than a hundred television channels.

Paying Your Internet and Cable Bill

You can pay your Spectrum bill through their website. You can also pay it through a local Spectrum store in the area.

Average Internet and Cable Bill

Your internet bill can be about $49 per month on average, while your cable bill can go anywhere from $50 to $100 per month. The total varies by your current internet speed and your television package.

Contact Information For Spectrum

  • Website: Spectrum
  • Address: 1042 Woodruff Road, Greenville SC 29607
  • Phone: 1-866-874-2389

Plan Your Move to Greenville Right

You must ensure you plan your Greenville city utilities before moving to your new home or apartment. You’ll have an easier time relocating to your new spot in the city if you have your utilities ready for use when you move in.

Be sure to schedule all the Greenville utilities you will require for service before moving, and make sure you reach out to HD Auston Moving for help with the relocation process. Contact our top-rated Greenville movers by calling (888) 883-2795 or complete the Request a Quote form above for a free moving estimate!

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