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Are you planning to move from Greenville, SC to Atlanta, Georgia soon due to a new job, college, or family-related reasons? You might have been living in Greenville and are interested in moving to a new city, Atlanta. And rightly so, as this beautiful city of Atlanta features pleasant weather, abundant green space, a friendly community, several job opportunities, and rich history. 

DIY long-distance moving is often linked to stress, aches, hidden expenses, and potential damages. For this reason, hire professional long-distance movers when you’re relocating from one state to another. A professional Greenville, SC to Atlanta moving company will sort all the moving issues and help you relocate in a breeze! 

Check out our guide on moving to Atlanta from Greenville to help make your interstate transfer easier!

What is Moving to Atlanta Like?

Atlanta, located among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, has an area of 134 square miles. It is also known as the “city of trees” or “city of the forest.” Atlanta has everything from rich history, professional sports teams, and great music to top-class restaurants. Although the city is very much in the South, it lacks Southern culture since it has a large number of migrants from all around the world. 

Atlanta’s population is 498,715, and its median household income is $64,179. An apartment’s average rent is $1,812, whereas the average home value is $404,575. While the overall cost of living in Greenville is slightly cheaper than in Atlanta, the health-related expenses and consumer costs are relatively low in the metropolitan area.

Atlanta’s climate is humid and subtropical. It has four seasons and receives generous rainfall throughout the year. The summers are mostly humid and hot, while the winters are cool. The best time to visit this charming city for warm-weather activities with your friends & family is from May to June and from September to mid-October. 


Benefits of Moving from Greenville to Atlanta

Moving to Atlanta from Greenville might be the best choice since the city offers plenty of benefits to its residents. Here are to name a few:

  • Things to do: You can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in Atlanta. Compared to Greenville, you will get everything in close proximity while living in the bustling city of Atlanta, from world-class shopping malls to top-ranked schools and medical facilities. Some top must-visit places include Botanical Garden Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, and World of Coca-Cola
  • Education: The city is perfect for families as it is home to 57 schools, colleges and universities compared to only five colleges in Greenville
  • Cost of living: Living in Atlanta can be affordable for many. Consumer cost in Atlanta is 3.13% lower than in Greenville, SC, whereas the rent prices here are comparatively higher. 
  • Neighborhoods and diversity: As a large city, Atlanta is home to excellent housing and living facilities, schools and hospitals, nightlife, and cultural diversity. Bolton is a perfect example since it is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Atlanta. 
  • Weather: Atlanta is great for those who love warm, sunny days and outdoor activities. May, June, September, and October are the months of peak tourism season and when most outdoor events and festivals occur, like the Yellow Daisy Festival. The climate of Greenville and Atlanta is pretty much similar, so you don’t have to worry about sudden temperature changes and getting sick. 
  • Sports: Atlanta is known for some of the best sports complexes, including cascade Family Skating and Piedmont Park Tennis Center. Besides, it has top-level teams such as Georgia Swarm, Atlanta Rhinos, and Rugby ATL.
  • Culture and Vibe: Moving from Greenville to Atlanta, you can enjoy the rich culture and musical vibe and feel its creative beat and art, which you can see almost everywhere in public places and streets. 
  • LGTBQ-friendly: Atlanta has perfect scores on the Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Index due to its commitment to LGTBQ equality policies and acceptance – making it a vibrant vacation spot for gays and young adults. 



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Greenville to Atlanta Movers

Moving from Greenville to Atlanta can be a challenging task. With 145.2 miles of distance to cover and the challenges involved with packing and transportation, you need reliable and efficient Greenville to Atlanta long distance movers for convenient transfer. 

Here is the strategy HD Auston Moving uses to transfer your belongings:

  1. Inspect your home and make a perfect relocation plan. 
  2. Pack all your belongings while taking special care of delicate materials. 
  3. Load belongings on secured trucks to ensure no damage. 
  4. Safely transport everything to the destination.
  5. Carefully unload and unpack your belongings.
  6. Set everything in your new apartment or home as you wish. 
  7. You can also use our 24/7 supervised storage facility to keep your stuff safe and secure until you are ready to take them to your new home. 
  8. In the case of an office relocation, movers carefully unplug and handle appliances and disassemble and assemble furniture, so you don’t have to worry while transporting fragile appliances and machines to a new place. 
  9. Hire a labor-only moving service to save money or a full-service relocation for a swift transfer.

Are you wondering why to opt for long-distance movers instead of doing all the work yourself? Here are some surprising benefits of hiring professional interstate movers. 

  • Movers provide peace of mind; they handle all aspects of the move
  • They are efficient and know how to move properly
  • They have trained staff who will help you move out fast
  • Movers have specialized trucks to load and unload your things
  • There will be no injuries. 
  • Movers protect doors, floors, counters, and staircases with door and floor protection
  • Moving heavy stuff and reassembling furniture will now be easier

Reliable moving companies offer several advantages that make your transitioning hassle-free if you select the right company. 

Why HD Auston Moving is the Best Greenville to Atlanta Moving Company

Choosing the best interstate moving and storage to help you move may sound as complicated as relocation itself. Here is how to choose a professional long-distance moving company:

  • Check long-distance moving reviews to know what their previous clients say about the company
  • Check for the company’s customer service
  • Verify their licensing and insurance
  • Notice their trust stats and background-checked staff 
  • Make sure the company provides a guarantee in case of any mishap

HD Auston Moving is one of the top city-to-city moving companies providing local and long-distance moving, storage, and packing services. We have been in business for more than 73 years, served 50K+ customers, and have a customer referral rate of 94%. With hands-on relocation experience and excellent Google reviews, HD Auston Moving promises to minimize costs, ensuring that your belongings reach their destination timely and safely.

Our long-distance movers will pack and unpack, carefully load and unload and assemble your things in your new home. Besides, the trained staff will disassemble and assemble furniture, giving special attention to delicate furniture pieces such as pianos. 

Greenville to Atlanta Moving Cost

Since you might have decided to move from Greenville to Atlanta, it is time to calculate the average cost of a long-distance move and check if moving to Atlanta will fit your budget. Here are some factors that will affect Atlanta moving costs:

  • Services you need (full service, labor-only service, packing service, storage, & moving supplies)
  • Number or weight of belongings you want to transfer
  • Time of the year you are moving (cost differs in peak seasons)
  • Distance between pickup and drop-off location.
  • Move-out and move-in dates (weekends and peak season)
  • If you need a temporary storage location
  • The cost of special or delicate furniture (Pianos) differs 
  • Moving supplies (if you need any)

For a free, accurate, personalized long-distance moving quote, please call Auston Moving. 

Greenville to Atlanta Distances & Travel Information

When your belongings are picked up from Greenville on their way to Atlanta, you might want to drive, take a train, or rush to the nearest airport to fly to your destination. So, here is information to meet your belongings in Atlanta, GA.


The distance from Greenville, SC to Atlanta, GA is 145.2 miles which will take around 2 hours and 10 minutes if you drive. Since it is a short trip, you can cover it without making a stop. However, a little snack break at Palmetto Distillery never did any harm. 


If you are considering flying (which is the fastest commute option) from Greenville to Atlanta, you can book a one-way flight for as low as $71 with Delta Airlines. You can also go for American Airlines. Book a direct flight from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, which is 15 minutes drive from the heart of the city, to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Find the flight timings here


If you want to travel from Greenville to Atlanta by train, you can buy a ticket for as low as $33. The fastest travel time is 3 hours and 12 minutes. Amtrak Crescent is the most frequent train service between these cities, and there is one train per day. Amrat is also a great overnight service with accommodation options, Wi-Fi, power outlets, and a café. You can find the train route here

Atlanta is packed with a lot of opportunities, facilities, and things to do for your family and business. If you are deciding to move to the beautiful city of the forest, Atlanta from Greenville, SC, call us at (866) 298-1867 or fill out the online form to get a free moving quote from the best Greenville long distance movers to help make the transition safe and carefree!

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