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Is Boiling Springs, SC a Good Place to Live? [2023] | 🤩 ULTIMATE Moving to Boiling Springs Tips

Situated near the northern tip of South Carolina lies the charmingly tranquil census-designated place (CDP) of Boiling Springs. As a part of Spartanburg County, Boiling Springs is home to a sparse suburban community that is considered to be quiet, friendly, and an ideal size for raising a family. The CDP of Boiling Springs is named after and is known for the small spring in the center of the community that once appeared as if it were boiling. In the early 20th century, the spring would even shoot up water 6 feet in the air and thus was a major attraction for farmers and residents to stop by.

What was originally settled in the late 1700s, today, Boiling Springs is said to have something for everyone to take advantage of – whether it’s enjoying the parks, eating out, hiking the trails, going shopping, or attending one of the numerous church options. The small yet bustling CDP of Boiling Springs has been called home by the American football players Dylan Thompson, Brooks Foster, and professional golfer, William McGirt. Apart from what this community has to offer within its borders, Boiling Springs is a short drive from many fun attractions and activities. You can get to the mountains in around 45 minutes, to an amusement park and the city of Charlotte in an hour, and to the nearby city of Spartanburg in just a few minutes.

Boiling Springs, SC Population & Demographics

According to the U.S. Census, the CDP of Boiling Springs has a population of 10,405 which has increased by 26.6% in the last decade. The median age of residents in Boiling Springs, SC sits is 39.4 and their homes have an average of 2.62 persons per household. 90% of Boiling Springs residents have attained their high school diploma or higher, and 24.4% have earned their bachelor’s degree or higher. With a current annual job increase rate of 0.9%, the median household income in Boiling Springs sits at $63,529 which is $8,665 above the state median.

The Boiling Springs ethnic and racial composition is 77.8% white (76.1% non-Hispanic), 12.1% Black or African American, 5.2% Hispanic, 4.5% Asian, 4.4% two or more races, and 0.2% American Indian or Alaska Native.

Boiling Springs, SC is an overall safe community to live in. In the case of an emergency or unfortunate event, you’ll be protected by over 500 officers and workers of the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Cost of Living in Boiling Springs, SC

To live the most comfortably, a family of four living in Spartanburg County should be making around $68,168 a year according to the Economic Policy Institute. The cost of living in Boiling Springs, SC is affordable being that it’s about the same as the state average. The CDP has both a sales and income tax of 7% which certainly beats the U.S. average of a 13.29% income tax. The current median house price in Boiling Springs sits at $233,314 on Redfin. If signing a lease is more up your alley, Rentcafe has Boiling Springs’s average monthly rent at 1,138.

Boiling Springs, SC Everyday Prices:

Below is a list of Rentcafe’s casual expenses in the nearby city of Spartanburg, South Carolina. With that said, the prices below are similar but may not equal the exact prices in Boiling Springs.

  • Energy bill— $152.87
  • Gallon of milk— $1.70
  • 1 dozen eggs— $1.15
  • Gas— $2.13
  • Doctor’s visit— $118.14

Boiling Springs, SC Neighborhoods | Where to live in Boiling Springs, SC

Boiling Springs, SC is said to have some of the nicest neighborhoods in the county. A few of the top neighborhoods include the peaceful Elmwood Cottages and Peachtree Townes. The north of Boiling Springs, or the town center, will give you closer access to an array of parks and gardens. On the other hand, the southern side of Boiling Springs is known as Valley Falls and will leave you just a few minutes from the University of South Carolina Upstate.

For when you’re commuting to the bigger city, the distance from Boiling Springs to Spartanburg is about 8 miles south. If you’re seeking an even larger city, the distance from Boiling Springs to Charolette, NC is about 75 miles which will take you east on the road for 1.5 hours. Wherever you end up, all areas and neighborhoods in Boiling Springs provide calm, safe, and laid-back atmospheres with great proximity to amenities and nearby communities.

Boiling Springs, SC Climate & Weather

Boiling Springs, SC experiences short winters with lows of 28 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the summers are hot and sunny with highs of 91 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll be needing sunscreen during the 217 days of sunshine in Boiling Springs which is slightly above the U.S. average. You may also want a raincoat for the 48 inches of annual rainfall. However, you probably won’t need snow boots given there are only 3 inches of snowfall in Boiling Springs. With early spring and fall as the most comfortable seasons, the best months to visit Boiling Springs, SC are in May, September, and October. These months make for the perfect weather to go for a walk at the CDP’s top-rated parks!

Things to Do in Boiling Springs, SC

The CDP of Boiling Springs, SC is swarming with outdoor amenities to visit, restaurants to eat at, and places to shop. When you’re looking to spend some allowance, the top-rated Boiling Springs Shopping Center is the place to go! Take a look below at some of the top places to go in or near Boiling Springs!

Va-Da-Mar McMillan Park

Along with an 18 hole disc golf course, this popular park in Boiling Springs features playing fields, tennis courts, beach volleyball, a picnic shelter, a walking trail, and two playgrounds. Talk about the perfect place to take the family!

591 McMillin Blvd, Boiling Springs, SC 29316, (864)-595-5356

North Spartanburg Sports Complex

This excellent sports complex is a hit for residents living in Boiling Springs. It has baseball fields, concession stands, and even hosts the Carolina Miracle League! – an organization that offers sports and recreational opportunities for children with disabilities.

1160 Old Furnace Rd, Boiling Springs, SC 29316

Additional Attractions in Boiling Springs, SC:

All parks and recreational facilities in Boiling Springs are maintained by the Spartanburg County Parks Department.

Boiling Springs, SC Restaurants

Thai Y’all

This tasty Thai restaurant in Boiling Springs is known for its incredibly flavorful Thai dishes and refreshing fruity drinks. They serve everything from savory soups like Bamee Kiew Kung to sweet desserts like Kao Niew Mamuang.

3720 Boiling Springs Rd STE H, Boiling Springs, SC 29316, (864)-939-8293

Manny’s Restaurant

Looking for a restaurant with great Italian fare and home-cooked country food? Manny’s Restaurant is the place to go! It features loaded pizzas, subs, and delicious pasta. They even have some excellent Greek dishes to try!

2520 Boiling Springs Rd, Boiling Springs, SC 29316

Jobs in Boiling Springs, SC

For those hoping to work in Boiling Springs, keep in mind there are many job opportunities in and around the community and the median travel time to work is 23.8 minutes. As stated by Payscale, the average base salary in Boiling Springs is $54,000 and the average hourly rate sits at $17.29. Some of the top job fields in Boiling Springs are in the fields of healthcare, education, and technology whereas the most popular employers include Tindall Corporation, Boiling Springs High School, and Sherman College of Chiropractic. If you’re on the hunt for a job, try searching the web for open jobs in and around Boiling Springs, SC.

Boiling Springs, SC Schools

The CDP of Boiling Springs is served by the Spartanburg County School District 2. The district is home to 14 schools and was listed as South Carolina’s top school district by the South Carolina Department of Education. Some of the schools include Boiling Springs High School and Boiling Springs Elementary

Whether you’re a retiree looking for the newest bestseller or a college student in need of some studying time, the Boiling Springs Library will serve you all seven days of the week.

Boiling Springs, SC Statistic & Information

Boiling Springs county: Spartanburg County

Boiling Springs area: 6.84 square miles

Boiling Springs zip code: 29316

Boiling Springs area code: 864

City elevation: 919 feet

City time zone: Eastern Standard time (EST)

Closest airport to City: Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), 23 miles to Boiling Springs

Boiling Springs, SC Map

Find more places to go with this map of Boiling Springs below!

Pros & Cons of Living in Boiling Springs, SC

  • Pro: You won’t have to worry about freezing temperatures while living in Boiling Springs!
  • Pro: Your children will be attending one of the top school districts in the state!
  • Con: Especially in the autumn months, the CDP has an above-average amount of rainfall.

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