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Greenville Metro SC School Districts 🏫👨‍🏫 | [2023] What are the Best Schools in Greenville?

Greenville, SC is the sixth-largest city in the state and continually growing. This growth has led to the Greenville area quickly becoming an up-and-coming location for those looking for new business opportunities, a community for their family, or simply to experience an appealing new lifestyle. The best school districts in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas have proven to be a great asset to the communities they serve. Many of them offer school choice within the district and all listed below are considered the best schools in Greenville because they are highly ranked and offer an all-encompassing collaborative education with their students and community.

Anderson School District No. 1 | Williamston, SC

Williamston is a suburb with a rural feel located in the Greenville area where the public school option is Anderson School District No. 1. This district is highly ranked with approximately 10,000 students in its eight elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools. Powdersville Elementary is the best elementary school in the Greenville area because the students make more academic progress from grade to grade, compared to students at other schools in South Carolina.

Anderson School District has the best high schools in Greenville due to having the highest graduation rate.

Not only are the academics of the schools noteworthy but the staff and teachers are the pride of the community. Alumni all mention the willingness of the teachers to go above and beyond in regards to their curriculum and facilitating positive student interactions.

  • Student/Teacher Ratio – 17:1
  • Average Graduation Rate – 92%
  • Average SAT Score – 1150

Greenville County School District | Greenville, SC

greenville SC school districts

Greenville is not only a great area to live for those looking for the convenience of suburbs while having access to great business and shopping, it is also home to a highly ranked and desirable school district. Greenville County Schools excel in several areas including generalized curriculum and test scores. They also exceed expectations in some non-traditional education options, emphasizing options such as early college, virtual programs, and alternative education choices.

Greenville County is a large school system with approximately 77,300 students yet has managed to keep a low student/teacher to be able to excel providing students with the highest level of attention and personalization making it one of the best school districts in Greeneville. It is also worth noting that the district is considered a “choice” district. A student is assigned a school based on their residence but can opt to go to another school in the district if the parents determine it is a better fit for the child.

Greenville is the largest school district in South Carolina with 50 elementary schools, 18 middle schools, and 15 high schools.

  • Student/Teacher Ratio – 15:1
  • Average Graduation Rate – 85%
  • Average SAT Score – 1150

Spartanburg School District Seven | Spartanburg, SC



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One of the many benefits of living in Spartanburg is its great school district! The mission of Spartanburg School District Seven is that the community, students, parents, and educators all work together to provide and guide the student environment and curriculum. This mission has served them well as evidenced in their statistics and in the opinions of the community and students they serve. Leadership, world citizenship, critical thinking, and creativity are a high priority in shaping the curriculum of the school. The district serves an estimated 7,500 students across nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school.

  • Student/Teacher Ratio – 10:1
  • Average Graduation Rate – 82%
  • Average SAT Score – 1140

Pickens County School District | Easley, SC

Pickens County School District is located in Easley, home of the Upper South Carolina State Fair. This school district is has excelled in focusing on curriculum options that are best suited for each student. There are numerous class choices and this is another district that offers school choice. While each student is assigned a school, exceptions can be made to attend a different school within the county with permission from the administration.

The school excels in curriculum development, promoting high achievement, and offering support in college and career guidance and decision making. The district has approximately 16,300 students throughout five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

  • Student/Teacher Ratio – 16:1
  • Average Graduation Rate – 85%
  • Average SAT Score – 1170

Spartanburg County School District No. 6 | Roebuck, SC

The mission of the Spartanburg County School District No. 6 is quite simply, to put children first. This focal point has served this award-winning school district in Greeneville, SC well. The first in South Carolina to have their schools accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, they have continually been highly ranked and excelled in providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for all of its students.

The District serves 11,500 students in nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school. In recent years, the largely residential community has experienced substantial growth. The school in combination with the local government has continued to evolve to successfully be able to educate the growing population in the best public school setting possible.

  • Student/Teacher Ratio – 15:1
  • Average Graduation Rate – 87%
  • Average SAT Score – 1120

Anderson School District No. 4 | Pendleton, SC

Located in Pendleton, Anderson School District No. 4 is certainly one of the appeals of this small, suburban/rural historic town. Both alumni and parents note the dedication of teachers and the all-encompassing curriculum as being some of the most noteworthy appeals of the schools. The focus on making sure that each student is given the appropriate opportunity to succeed is both valued by students that are currently attending and those who have moved on to college and careers.

There is an active sports community as well as many extra-curricular opportunities available. The district offers four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school for its 2,860 students.

  • Student/Teacher Ratio – 15:1
  • Average Graduation Rate – 85%
  • Average SAT Score – 1130

Spartanburg County School District No. 2 | Chesnee, SC

Located in the small town on Chesnee, Spartanburg County School District No. 2 has built itself a big reputation. The school district has focused not just on academics but also on its student’s building skills in creativity, critical thinking, and leadership. They also employ rigorous academic standards in all areas and integrate work ethics and perseverance into the curriculum. Using the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate as a guideline, they pride themselves on preparing all students with the knowledge and skills necessary for school and career success. Its 10,500 students are located in nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools.

  • Student/Teacher Ratio – 16:1
  • Average Graduation Rate – 90%
  • Average SAT Score – 1120

Cherokee County School District | Gaffney, SC

Cherokee County School District is another highly ranked district that participates in the school choice program to ensure that its students’ needs are being met at the appropriate level. This district focuses on an extensive curriculum to encourage leadership and future success. Athletics and extracurricular activities are readily available and used to offer students a well-rounded and enriching experience.

The district serves approximately 8,700 students in twelve elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools.

  • Student/Teacher Ratio – 14:1
  • Average Graduation Rate – 83%
  • Average SAT Score – 1060

Best Private Schools in the Greenville Area

If your family has a specific need or prefers the environment of private education, there are plenty of options in the Greenville area. Each of the following is considered the best private schools in Greenville and are highly ranked. They include a mixture of a variety of types of schools and grades, from parochial to Montessori style, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

Education in the area is a high priority among the community and government and there is no shortage of options to ensure that students are provided with the best and most well-suited environment for their individual needs.

Christ Church Episcopal School

An Episcopal school focused on building character and confidence along with knowledge and education.

Bob Jones Academy

A K-12 Christian school teaching curriculum and worldview from a biblical standpoint.

Greenville Classical Academy

A K-12 classical Christian academy teaching curriculum and character development with a biblical focus.

Five Oaks Academy

A Montessori school serving students from toddler age through middle school.

Montessori School of Mauldin

An infant – grade 5 Montessori style school that offers aftercare and summer camp programs as well as a traditional Montessori curriculum.

St. Joseph’s Catholic School

A K-12 Roman Catholic college preparatory school.

Camperdown Academy

A grade 1-8 academy for children with language-based learning differences.

Greenville School Districts FAQs

What is the best high school in Greenville, SC?

D. W. Daniel High in the Pickens school district is the best high school in Greenville due to college readiness and math and reading proficiency. It’s also ranked 12th in the state of South Carolina. Click here for a full list of best high schools in the Greenville metro area.

What is the best school district in Greenville?

Spartanburg County is the best school district in Greenville with a graduation rate 10 points higher than the South Carolina average and over 50% of students proficient in math.

Does Greenville have good schools?

Greenville is known for having an exceptional school system that caters to students in all grades, including gifted programs and special needs programs.

The Greenville Area is not only focused on business and population growth but has also made it a top priority to offer top-quality education, either public or private. With the recent options of school choice and integrative teaching that concentrates not only on the curriculum but life skills, there is a fit for every student and every family. The Greenville city area as well as the surrounding communities proudly boast some of the highest-ranked schools in the state. When seeking out a desirable place to move, school options are always a high priority for families. Our Greenville, SC movers can meet and exceed the expectations of its citizens for a well-rounded and opportunity-filled education.

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